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Steps To Relocate Following Evacuation

It is possible during an emergency for the family to become separated. Some family members may be in school, at work or out of town when a disaster requiring evacuation occurs.Therefore, it is important that every family designate an out-of-state contact to help coordinate family reunion plans. This plan should help families reunite after a major disaster and/or allow families to leave messages for one another if local phones aren't working.

Contacting Family Members

Family members should carry the name, address and phone number of an out-of-state contact to help the family keep in touch. This out-of-state contact will help relay messages to each family member and inform them of their whereabouts. In addition, family members should have a calling card, coins or another way to place out-of-state calls. Coins are best since the phone company may not process calling cards.
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    Alternative Meeting Locations

    Families should establish three alternative meeting places to meet if separated. These locations should be within close proximity to each family member's place of work, school or home. In addition, family members should know the procedures at the local school regarding how children will be released.