An important update regarding COVID19:

Emergency Tasks

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What To Do Immediately After the Disaster
  • Check for injuries and administer First Aid.
  • Check for and extinguish small fires.
  • Check emergency supplies.
  • Shut off gas if a hissing sound or the smell of natural gas is noticed.
  • Shut off water if a broken water pipe is suspected.
  • Shut off electricity if sparking is seen or the smell of burnt insulation is detected.
  • Check house, roof and chimney for damage. Evacuate to safety outdoors if safety of house is in doubt.
  • Turn on portable battery operated radio to listen for advisories.
  • Check neighbors for injuries.
  • Begin clean up efforts within home.
  • Round up pets and bring them inside.

Escape Routes

Develop an escape route for your home. Sketch a floor plan of your home that includes the following:
  • an outdoor meeting place
  • exits such as doors
  • secondary exits such as windows
  • safe spots in each room
  • location of emergency supplies
  • location of fire extinguishers
  • location of smoke detectors
  • location of utility shut off values (gas, electric and water)

If Trapped...
  • Stop any bleeding with direct pressure, elevation or indirect pressure.
  • The human body can generally survive up to three days without water.
  • Carry a whistle on a keychain to alert rescue workers.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Keep a positive attitude, rescue workers are on their way.