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Residential Recycling

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For more information contact Valley Vista Services at (800) 442-6454

The City of Walnut's Automated Curbside Trash and Recycling Program currently includes a black automated 96 gallon trash container and a grey 64 gallon co-mingled recycling container. The recycling program will accept the following recyclable items: all paper, including newspapers, telephone books, old corrugated cardboard, bi-metallic cans, all CRV (CA redemption value containers) aluminum cans, tin cans, clear or colored glass, and all plastic containers. These recyclables are picked up on the same day as trash. The following items may not be placed in the recycle bin contaminated paper (paper with food or other organics stuck to it), aluminum foil, film, plastic wraps, plastic shopping bags, automobile glass, or steal strengthen glass (e.g., Corning glass).

 recycle bin

Once the automated black trash or grey recycling container has been filled, any extra material can be placed in the homeowner’s own rigid container and placed next to the same content automated container.

Please store trash & recycling containers behind a fence or out of sight from the street. Violation of this regulation is subject to code enforcement.

Beverage Recycling Centers in Walnut:
Most centers close for State-wide holidays and for lunch between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm.

    (Located in the Lemon Creek Village Shopping Center)
    350 N Lemon Ave
    Walnut CA 91789
    Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:30 pm 

Other Recycling Centers Near Walnut:
    1180 S. Diamond Bar Blvd.
    Diamond Bar 
    Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:30 pm 

    1025 Amar Rd.
    West Covina 
    Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm 

    Mission Recycling:
    1341 E. Mission Blvd., Pomona
    Call for hours (909) 620-4688
    (Electronic waste, paper, beverage containers, cardboard, scrap metal) 

    Kay-Met Recycling
    926 S. Nogales St., Rowland Heights
    Call for hours (626) 913-9964
    (Paper, beverage containers, cardboard, steel cans, scrap aluminum, brass, copper)

Taking recyclables or trash from garbage or recycling containers at homes or businesses for personal use is called scavenging. Scavenging violates State law (PRC – Division 30, Part 2, Chapter 9, Article 1) and Walnut code (Title III, Chapter 15A, Article III, 15A-9) 

Once materials are set out in containers for collection, they become the property of the City and its exclusive franchise trash hauler, Valley Vista Services. It is also money out of the residents' pockets (residents receive a rebate on their trash bill based on a percentage of recyclables collected by the trash hauler). 

Reporting Scavenging (Theft)
Do not approach the person(s) engaging in scavenging on your own. If you see someone other than the trash hauler taking recyclables or trash from either garbage or recycling containers at homes or businesses, report scavenging in progress by immediately calling the Industry-Walnut Sheriff Station non-emergency dispatcher at (909) 595-2264. 

By reporting scavenging, you will help us identify patterns and areas where repetitive scavenging is occurring. Please try to note the date and time of the occurrence, a description of the person, and the method of collection (bag, shopping cart, or vehicle with make/model and license number if easily available).

How to Discourage Scavenging 
  • Set out your containers the morning of trash collection day (no later than 7 a.m.) 
  • If possible, put bottles and cans with California redemption value at the bottom of the cart underneath other recyclables
  • If you must set out your container the night before, consider keeping bottles and cans with redemption value separate and place them in the cart the next morning before collection
  • When possible, report scavenging in progress