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City Maintenance

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The City of Walnut is proud of its beautifully maintained parkland, streets and open space. Throughout the City’s history, the City leaders have made preserving the natural beauty and safety of the City a priority. The City is maintained by City staff and contract services.

  • To place a City Maintenance Service Request, please use our online Request Service system or contact Community Services at (909) 598-5605.

  • For information about Trash Service (conducted by Valley Vista Services), please Click here or go

  • Lighting and Open Space Maintenance District (LOSMD)
    The Lighting and Open Space Maintenance District (LOSMD) is comprised of approximately 280 acres of landscape areas throughout the City that is divided into 12 Zones. It is the responsibility of the Community Services Department to oversee the landscape maintenance, rodent control and weed abatement contractors within the LOSMD.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the LOSMD, please do not hesitate to call the Community Services Department at (909) 598-5605. 

    If you have an LOSMD related emergency such as a broken irrigation pipe, missing sprinkler head, fallen tree; you can call the Walnut Sheriff station 24-hour a day at (909) 595-2264. Please remember this telephone number is only for emergencies.

  • Rain Event Preparedness
    During times of increased rainfall in our area, local and regional flooding can occur. It is important to be aware the possible impacts from such and event and plan accordingly. Your home preparedness should include:
    1.  Having sandbags on hand, or knowing where to acquire them (bags and sand are available at LA County Fire Station 61 at 20011 La Puente Rd., and at the Walnut City Yard located at 21701 Valley Blvd.[limit 10]).
    2.  Cleaning out any concrete channels (v-ditches) on your slopes and check that all drains on your property are working properly.
    3.  Having a home emergency preparedness kit.

  • City Street Maintenance

  • City Code Enforcement

  • Graffiti Removal

  • City Trees