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Pet Waste

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 Pet Owners Must Pick Up After Their Pets!

There is an Animal Nuisance Ordinance in Los Angeles County Code (Title 10 Animals, Chapter 10.40.060, B.) which requires that owners pick up and properly dispose of their pet’s waste from all public spaces and walking areas for sanitary and health reasons. The City of Walnut would like remind pet owners to be courteous and pick up after your pet while walking your dog or animal on City sidewalks, trails, parks or other open spaces. 

To help promote clean up, the City has installed pet waste stations all City parks. These stations provide not only Zero-Waste biodegradable bags with which to pick up your pet’s waste, they also provide a sealed container in which to dispose of the waste.

Pet Waste and Water Pollution: Be a Part of The Solution
Animal waste contains disease-causing pathogens and harmful chemicals and nutrients, that when left on the ground, wash down storm drains and contaminate local waterways and beaches. Not picking up after your pet is not only discourteous, it is unhealthy for the entire community! 

Pet waste, litter, fertilizers and other pollutants on our streets and sidewalks can be washed into the gutter by water from rain, sprinklers, or hoses. This pollution flows through the storm drain system and directly into the ocean. We can all help reduce this water pollution by remembering:

  • To not litter (every little piece counts)
  • To pick up and properly dispose of our pet’s waste
  • To clean our driveway and sidewalk with a broom rather than a hose
  • To buy household and garden products that are environmentally safe
  • To properly dispose of used oil, antifreeze, paints, solvents, cleaners, pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers at a household hazardous materials collection site (call 1-888-CLEANLA)
  • To report any illegal dumping of the items listed above