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Honey Bees & Bee Hive Removal

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The Honey Bee is a very beneficial insect. They contribute as a pollinator for many of our fruit and vegetable crops. The annual contribution of Honey Bees to food production in the United States is estimated to be $10 billion. The disappearance of Honey Bees could have a severe impact on the environment, our economy, and our food supply.

The Honey Bee population has been in decline over the past few years. Scientists have looked at climate change, disease, increasingly antibiotic-resistant parasites that infect hives, genetically modified crops which deprive bees of needed nutrients, the increased use of insecticides, and even cell phone radiation as possible causes of the dwindling bee population. While the exact cause remains in debate, one thing is certain; Honey Bees are in trouble. 

Honey Bees have always helped us, and now we need to help them. If you discover a bee hive on your property, consider contacting a company that conducts live hive removal, rescue and relocation. 

A list of licensed bee removers can be found on the website of the State of California Structural Pest Control Board.Only State licensed businesses will be listed on this website. Use the “Verify a License” tab and then search for by “Business Name” using your county and “Bee” as search criteria (be sure to select “Match any part of Name”).