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Annual Bulky Item Pickup

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Valley Vista Services sponsors the City of Walnut’s Annual Bulky Item Curbside Clean-up. Please call Community Services for annual date (909) 598-5605.

But Why Wait? Walnut residents do not have to wait for the annual Bulky Item Pick Up Event to dispose of their unwanted items. Residents may contact Valley Vista Services at (800) 442-6454 any time during the year to schedule a free bulky item pick up (unlimited amount of free pick-ups per year). Please note that the prohibited items listed below still apply.

Annual Pick Up Details: This free clean-up will provide pick-up of furniture, appliances, lumber, residential vehicle tires, and other household items. Simply place “Bulky Item Clean-up” materials and other household items at your curb Friday night after 6:00 pm or Saturday before 7:00 am. If eligible waste is not placed at your regular trash pickup location by 7:00 am on Saturday of the event dates, the disposal trucks may have already passed by. 

Pick up of the “left behind” items will then require the homeowner to make special arrangement with Valley Vista (800) 442-6454. Prohibited items will not be picked up and it will be the homeowner's responsibility to remove and properly dispose of such items. For information on disposal of household hazardous waste, electronic equipment and scheduled collection event locations, please call 1-888-CLEANLA (1-888-253-2652).

Please review the following information regarding items that are acceptable and prohibited for Walnut's Annual Bulky Item Pickup: 

Acceptable Items for Pick-Up
(Only leave those items for pick-up that can be lifted by two people)
. Tires (no wheels, rims, commercial sized truck/tractor tires)
. Furniture
. Appliances
. Lumber, small quantity (no construction projects)
. Bundled and tied vegetative trimmings (less than four feet in length)
. Electronic waste such as televisions, computers, electronic devices
. Other household items 

Prohibited Items for Pick-Up

. Construction and demolition debris
. Concrete
. Rebar
. Masonry
. Roofing Materials
. Bricks
. Broken Asphalt
. Auto Parts
. Household Hazardous Waste
. Rocks
. Sod
. Dirt
. Similar Materials