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  • City Contacts

    • How do I contact City facilities?

    • I am interested in getting involved with the Neighborhood Watch program in my neighborhood. Where can I sign up, or find more information on this?

  • Community Development

    • How long does it take to process a Site Plan/Architectural Review application?

    • What are the development standards for a property or zoning district?

    • What is the process to add on to my house?

    • What is the Zoning on a property?

    • Who should I call if I have a complaint regarding a possible violation regarding zoning, property maintenance, signs, or other issues?

  • General

    • I have a Walnut mailing address so why am I not considered a Walnut resident?

  • Gym/Teen Center

    • Do we offer Homework Help services in the Teen Center?

    • How can I rent the gym?

    • Is it free to play during Open Gym hours?

    • Is the Teen Center available for private rentals?

    • Is there a fee for teens to use the Teen Center during regularly scheduled hours?

    • What are the Open Gym Hours?

    • What are the Teen Center hours?

    • What grade do I have to be in to go to the Teen Center?

  • Human Resources

    • Are there any requirements for the Volunteer Internship Program?

    • Are there any volunteer opportunities available with the City of Walnut?

    • How do I apply for a job with the City of Walnut?

    • How do I apply for the Volunteer Internship Program?

    • Where can I find information regarding current job openings with the City of Walnut?

  • Parking

    • How do I contest a parking citation?

    • How do I get a temporary parking permit?

    • How do I pay for a parking ticket?

    • How many parking permits am I allowed?

    • What are the restrictions for overnight parking?

    • What if I need a parking permit on a permanent basis?

  • Parks and Recreation

    • Do you use contract services?

    • How do I make a park reservation?

    • How do I register for a class?

    • How many parks are there in Walnut, and what type of amenities are there?

    • How often do you trim my trees?

    • How often does the City brochure come out?

    • What classes are offered?

    • What is the city's refund policy?

    • What upcoming special events do you have?

    • Who maintains the horse trails?

    • Who takes care of graffiti?

  • Senior Center

    • Do I have to be a Walnut resident to come to the Senior Center?

    • Is there a membership fee?

    • What upcoming special events are there?

  • Transportation

    • Does the City provide other subsidized transportation programs for residents?

    • Where can I get a Dial-A-Cab membership ID?