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Establishing a Business

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Contact Walnut City Hall and make sure that the zoning is correct for your proposed business address.

• Every business must meet the City’s zoning requirements to insure that the business activity is allowed at the proposed location. Contact the City’s Planning Department prior to signing any leases, agreements, or moving in for specific zoning requirements and limitations. .

• Some businesses that heavily impact their area require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The CUP application process typically is a 3 to 6 month process in which various environmental impacts are reviewed and studied by Planning and then presented before the Planning Commission for approval or denial.

• Building Permits are required for any tenant improvements that you may wish to make to the lease space, including modifications or additions to the electrical, mechanical, plumbing systems and/or walls. Contact the City’s Building Division for specific requirements.

File a fictitious name statement and file your “doing business as” name in a local newspaper.

• The fictitious name application can be received and filed at the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office or via the internet at

• Prior to filing a fictitious name statement, it is recommended that you contact the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office to determine if the business name is already in use. 

• In addition to completing the necessary application, you will need contact one of the local newspapers to publish your DBA statement and your new business name.

If you need business loans, workforce development, or other business assistance, there are many programs within California to help.

• The federal government has loans and grant funding available through the Small Business Administration.

• The State of California offers a variety of business assistance services and financial loans through the Economic & Workforce Development Program administered by the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency. 

• The City of Walnut’s Economic Development staff offer a variety of business assistance. 

Contact the Sate of California to obtain State tax forms, labor standards and requirements for your employees, and to find out if a resale permit is required.

• For businesses employing only the owners and no additional employees, contact the Franchise Tax Board for state withholding and corporation state taxes.

• If your business will have employees other than yourself, contact the Employment Development Department for information on state withholding taxes, disability, and unemployment insurance.

• Businesses may be required to obtain a resale permit from the Board of Equalization (BOE) if they purchase or acquire tangible goods for use in operating their business. You MUST have this permit if sales, repair oriented, or a commercial home based business.

• Home based businesses are permitted under the City’s Home Occupation Ordinance No. 225 (Section 25-26.1) and do need to obtain a business license to legally operate.

Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to request and obtain your employee identification number.

• The IRS has a large amount of services available such as seminars for new businesses and a business kit that are available to assist you.

Obtain and submit a completed Business License application at Walnut City Hall located at 21201 La Puente Road off of Grand Avenue.

Depending on the type of business you are proposing to conduct, you may be required to have a State of California or Los Angeles County issued permit. When applying for a business license, you will need the following information to complete the application:

• Your business name and address 
• Your business or contact phone number
• Description of your business
• The number of employees on staff
• Emergency contact information 
• Worker’s Compensation Insurance carrier and policy number
• Social security & driver’s license number
• CA Employer identification number, Seller’s permit/Resale permit, and State 
• Federal ID number 
• Contractor’s license number (where Applicable) 
• Floor plan of the business you plan to operate 


Alcohol Beverage Control Department (ABC)
(818) 901-5017

City of Walnut Building and Safety (Permits)
(909) 598-5241

City of Walnut Planning Department
(909) 595-7543 ext. 400

City of Walnut
(909) 595-7543

Commerce & Economic Development Program
(916) 323-5389

Contractors State Licensing Board
(800) 321-2752

Employment Development Department
(818) 901-5138

Franchise Tax Board
(800) 852-5711

Internal Revenue Service
(800) 829-1040

Los Angeles County Clerk
(800) 201-8999
(562) 462-2177
- OR –
Business Filing & Registration
PO Box 53592
Los Angeles, CA 90053-0592

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) 
(213) 622-4300

Los Angeles County Health Department
(661) 254-9560

Los Angeles County Tax Assessor
(661) 254-9550

Los Angeles County Office of Small Business
(323) 260-2311

Small Business Administration (California)
(818) 552-3210

State Board of Equalization
(800) 400-7115

Taxpayer’s Education
(213) 576-4180